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Security, risk management & fraud prevention in the rental space

Transforming rental accessibility and risk management with secure screening and financial tools backed by leading biometric identity verification and data protection solutions.


A simple and secure rental experience

letus is a cloud platform disrupting the rental industry with innovative financial solutions through an ecosystem of world-class partners. letus's powerful suite of tools including flexible rent, credit reporting, financial literacy resources, and more, democratizes tenants’ access to financial services while enabling landlords to collect rent on time and in full.

With over 20.5M rental units owned by mom-and-pop landlords and more than 42.9M individuals living in rental properties in the US, letus delivers accessible and convenient solutions that empower renters and property managers with greater financial control.

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Access to affordable credit

Trust Stamp streamlines identity assurance with a simple spoof-resistant, liveness-verified selfie. IdRamp takes it to the next level with rapid custom implementation of robust multi-factor authentication flows.


Password-free Zero Trust for any ecosystem

IdRamp is a service delivery platform that helps businesses manage verifiable credentials and identity integration within diverse application ecosystems. IdRamp simplifies identity orchestration across disparate systems to strengthen and accelerate identity assurance, and is built on open standards for verifiable credentials and established identity protocols.

IdRamp delivers dynamic Zero Trust identity proofing through passwordless credential orchestration on a no-code basis. Organizations can leverage leading identity solutions across providers, enabling Businesses to create trust ecosystems without complex upgrades or specialized technical skills.

Our Partnership

Trust Stamp + letus

letus will use Trust Stamp’s proven facial biometric verification, document validation, and data-protection technologies to enhance their risk assessment processes while leveraging our first-of-its-kind Biometric MFATM to streamline security into their service platform.

letus optimizes operational and financial outcomes for both landlords and renters by delivering innovative and accessible payments and credit solutions with next-level security and data protection.

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Frictionless fraud prevention

Trust Stamp’s biometric and document verification solutions build robust risk assessment into digital onboarding processes to protect landlords from synthetic identity fraud attacks with a seamless mobile identity verification experience for applicants and account holders.

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Robust digital verification

Real-time, spoof-resistant document analysis makes comprehensive identity verification as simple as capturing photos, allowing landlords to verify the true identity of tenants accurately and efficiently.

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Powerful account security

Our Biometric MFATM solution enables tenants to protect their sensitive information and accounts with multi-factor authentication using a simple selfie so they can leverage letus’s targeted financial services with confidence in the security of their data.


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Approve more genuine applicants to improve accessibility

Our AI identified three organized fraud rings in 2019 alone! In one sample of 7,915 applicants, we identified 63 unique fraudsters and referred 33 more for investigation

Streamline risk and compliance processes for a better user experience

In a sample of existing customers whose accounts were closed for failing legacy authentication methods, 83% of the accounts were reopened

Minimise and protect consumer data

Credit checks and other traditional customer risk assessment procedures can be intrusive


We take the safety of our customers seriously. Now, we provide the highest level of protection used by S&P 500 banks, global financial institutions, and the United States government to our renters and landlords.

Karthik Manimozhi
CEO, letus
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We are thrilled to partner with Trust Stamp to further our mission of building an inclusive financial system. This partnership will allow us to prevent bad actors from utilizing our application in a way that does not adversely affect honest people who may have thin credit files or no prior credit history.

Jack Markwalter
CEO & Co-Founder, VIVA Finance