Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

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Biometric MFATM

Trust Stamp’s Biometric MFATM replaces vulnerable one-time passcodes

Build a robust multi-factor authentication framework secured by advanced biometric tokenization technologies, at an unbeatable price point, with unmatched efficiency at every scale.

Why Trust Stamp Biometric MFATM

Say NO to OTP

successful mobile selfie-based MFA

Multi-factor authentication In two steps

Add a low-friction, secure, and privacy-positive second and third authentication factor into your applications/user flows with just one API

Mobile OTP and hardware token

Simplified user experience

With cohesive branding across touchpoints, there is no need for third-party authenticator apps and the fragmented experience of switching between platforms to access your accounts

Mobile security icon

Unmatched security and fraud-detection

Advanced liveness verification defends against even the most sophisticated spoofing attacks and fraud techniques

Streamlined Security

No more one-time passcodes

  • SMS 6-Digit Codes

  • Email Codes

  • Authenticator Apps

  • Hardware Tokens

  • Segmented User Flows


  • Protection - World-class biometric security

  • Simplicity -  It’s just a selfie

  • Fraud prevention without the costly verification processes

How it works

MFA in seconds

Head turning for secure selfie capture

1. Accurate and efficient biometric analysis

Trust Stamp Capture leverages advanced biometric analysis with proof-of-life and anti-spoofing tests that determine whether captured data belongs to a real person

Security through AI

2. Data security layered throughout

With Trust Stamp Protect, transformation algorithms minimize and obfuscate raw information, turning PII into an anonymized representation that serves as an accurate identifier within your systems, but has no external value if ever compromised

Cross-device interoperability

3. Instant, frictionless authentication

Trust Stamp Biometric MFATM performs a rapid probabilistic 1:1 comparison between the Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token (IT2) generated on enrollment and the IT2 created during authentication for frictionless, protected proofing in seconds 


Learn more about the different factors of authentication

Using what you know to prove your identity (knowledge-based authentication)
E.g. passwords, PINs, security questions
Using what you have to prove your identity
E.g. tokens, bank cards
Using what you are to prove your identity
E.g. biometrics

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