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Transforming inclusive finance

Leveraging Trust Stamp’s robust, accessible, and privacy-first identity verification technologies within VIVA Finance’s unique affordable credit framework to better serve individuals with limited credit histories


Access to affordable credit

Unlike typical lenders that underwrite loans based primarily on credit score, VIVA Finance powers a mobile-first lending platform that offers loans underwritten primarily based on employment information, thereby expanding access to affordable credit products for individuals who may have limited financial options due to a lack of credit history. Their technology serves thousands of working Americans who are traditionally met with opaque and often predatory financial products.

VIVA Finance aims to help borrowers with less-than-ideal credit secure personal loans, build their credit, and learn better financial habits in order to improve their overall financial health.

Our Partnership

Trust Stamp + VIVA Finance

VIVA Finance has implemented Trust Stamp’s proven facial biometric verification, document validation, and data-protection methodologies into their application processes to enhance risk management measures while better meeting the needs of their target borrowers.

Together we are working to provide underserved individuals with an entry point to participate in the digital-first future of finance, breaking the barrier to achieving societal and financial inclusion.

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Improve accessibility versus traditional fraud products

In testing available fraud detection tools, a disproportionate number of loan applications were erroneously flagged for possible fraud due to limited credit history. Trust Stamp technology allows a more nuanced approach to establishing trust and access to capital.

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Streamline risk and compliance processes for a better user experience

The user-friendly verification experience lets applicants verify their identities quickly and easily, eliminating barriers to conversion and improving customer satisfaction.

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Minimize and protect consumer data

Trust Stamp's privacy-first tokenization technology maintains the utility of identity data while protecting information security within compliance processes.

VIVA Finance


We are thrilled to partner with Trust Stamp to further our mission of building an inclusive financial system. This partnership will allow us to prevent bad actors from utilizing our application in a way that does not adversely affect honest people who may have thin credit files or no prior credit history.

Jack Markwalter
CEO & Co-Founder, VIVA Finance