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Biometric MFATM layered with leading identity services

Delivering an innovative biometric multi-factor authentication offering that can be augmented with a range of leading access management, social sign-on, and bring-your-own identity services, all through IdRamp’s no-code platform


No-code Biometric MFATM implementation

Trust Stamp streamlines identity assurance with a simple spoof-resistant, liveness-verified selfie. IdRamp takes it to the next level with rapid custom implementation of robust multi-factor authentication flows.


Password-free Zero Trust for any ecosystem

IdRamp is a service delivery platform that helps businesses manage verifiable credentials and identity integration within diverse application ecosystems. IdRamp simplifies identity orchestration across disparate systems to strengthen and accelerate identity assurance, and is built on open standards for verifiable credentials and established identity protocols.

IdRamp delivers dynamic Zero Trust identity proofing through passwordless credential orchestration on a no-code basis. Organizations can leverage leading identity solutions across providers, enabling Businesses to create trust ecosystems without complex upgrades or specialized technical skills.

Our Partnership

Trust Stamp + IdRamp

With Trust Stamp’s proven biometric authentication and data-protecting tokenization technology delivered through IdRamp’s seamless decentralized identity management platform, we fill a pressing market need for robust security, flexibility, and speed in establishing trust.

By unifying top identity services in one no-code platform, IdRamp delivers the best in identity authentication while addressing complex and evolving assurance needs across individual touchpoints for efficient, fraud-resistant digital operations.

Fast and frictionless implementation

Accelerate identity assurance to meet the speed of business with seamless, no-code integration of Trust Stamp’s Biometric MFATM solution along with identity services from other leading providers. IdRamp is designed to automatically interoperate with existing infrastructure.

Eliminate passwords

No more one-time passcodes, authenticator apps, or hardware tokens. IdRamp combines verifiable credentials with well-known identity management capabilities for MFA, consents, access rules, directory integration, and analytics.

Streamlined security

IdRamp’s dynamic Zero Trust identity proofing combined with Trust Stamp’s advanced authentication and tokenization technology transform operational security.


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Approve more genuine applicants to improve accessibility

Our AI identified three organized fraud rings in 2019 alone! In one sample of 7,915 applicants, we identified 63 unique fraudsters and referred 33 more for investigation

Streamline risk and compliance processes for a better user experience

In a sample of existing customers whose accounts were closed for failing legacy authentication methods, 83% of the accounts were reopened

Minimise and protect consumer data

Credit checks and other traditional customer risk assessment procedures can be intrusive


Our customers manage digital ID across a wide variety of disparate environments. They need robust fraud protection that is flexible and easy to use. Trust Stamp transforms digital identity with world class biometric security, bullet proof data protection, and state-of-the-art fraud detection. Combined with IdRamp’s decentralized orchestration platform, Trust Stamp will plug and play into any combination of multi-cloud, multi-IDP, and even Web3.0 environments. This powerful combination provides unmatched agility and superior Zero Trust fraud protection for any digital ecosystem. Zero code, no passwords, and no expensive, slow-moving migrations required.

Mike Vesey
CEO, IdRamp